Glulam wood

Wood, the material with probably the longest tradition, today is becoming the most significant building material with whom you can build environmentally friendly as well as economically advantageous.
Thinking of that, we, as an innovative company, advise our customers a challenging, creative building projects with our timber engineering products.
We regard exceptional requirements as a challenge for us.


  • Architecture and design
    The combination of straight, curved and constructional elements provides architects unlimited freedom of design. Moreover, large spans available with Glulam are additional freedom towards contemporary.
  • High load bearing capacity
    High loading capacity in same way low dead load enable large open spaces.
  • Large variety of shapes
    Glulam can be produced in curved, straight or any shape that human can imagine.  
  • High value of surface quality
    Glulam is dried to required moisture. Therefore the natural shrinking and cracking is reduced to minimum as a result glulam products have an excellent appearance.
  • High dimensional stability
    Precise dimensions and its stability during serviceability period ensures the quality of product.
  • High resistance to fire
    A supporting structure made of Glulam is much safer than an unprotected steel construction in the event of fire.
  • Durable comfort
    Glulam is natural, durable and aesthetic structure which promote healthy environment conditions.
    The perceived surface temperature of wood lies considerably above other building materials, e.g. at lower room temperatures such this leads to a comfortable room climate.
    Therefore, such features provide a warm and comfortable ambience that give a sense of well being.
  • Climate protection and sustainability
    Timber is an excellent storage medium for the harmful green-house gas, carbon dioxide. Every cubic metre of timber used in construction reduces emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere by an average of 2 tons.
    The costs of transport and the environmental pollution are comparatively low because of timber low dead weight.