Sawn timber

Sawn timber

Today BSG is known not just as prefabricated house producer but also as a trading organisation of sawn timber production in various regions.

Over the course of its 5 recent years the company has evolved into successful enterprise which trades in wood of all kinds on European countries. Whereas business in the early years following the establishment of the company focused on Baltic also Neighbouring markets, the company’s field of activity today grew to include woods for Middle East, Russia, East Asia.

Our timber manufacturing service offer a lot of solutions to your timber requirements. Our machining facilities enable us to provide special profiles and joinery components manufactured to your specific drawings or design. Moreover all our products can be finished by painting, lacquering, impregnating, or fire protection coating.

Furthermore we cut spruce, pine and siberian larch timber according individual request.


  • Glulam lamina
  • Rough sawn timber for finger-jointed construction timber
  • Sawn timber for construction timber 
  • Sawn timber for packaging, pallets
  • Solid timber squares
  • Sawn timber for wood panels
  • Planed timber in special dimensions as per customer specifications
  • S4S timber
  • Sawn timber for flooring and decking
  • Sawn timber impregnation against water, insects and fire.
  • Fresh sawn or KD (Kiln dried)
Our timber comes from sustainable managed forests – mainly from Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. The use of wood binds the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 in the long term and therefore effectively lowers emissions.